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We are LangtonOut!

LangtonOut! is a Breakfast & After School Club in Langton Green Primary School, Tunbridge Wells.


Conceived by Mark & Natasha, parents of three children, LangtonOut! is run by parents for parents.


We are Affordable, Flexible and have Strong Governance. We are all about ensuring our children have time to play, have fun and grow, and they never seem happier than when they get out of school and they can play in the park. Healthy activities and play within great settings amongst the trees, fields and open spaces, harking back to the traditions of outdoor fun ‘we enjoyed as children!’

More About Us


Our primary aim is to offer an uncompromising service designed around what the parents and children want, with a real focus on health and outdoor activity.

Times to suit you

We want to be easy to access - so you can use us as you wish. Whether that’s just one day per week, a couple of days per term or just ad-hoc when you need us, booking with just a days notice i.e. the day before, subject of course, to availability.

Fresh Healthy Food

Each day the children are all given healthy snacks and drinks at the start of each session, as they are often hungry as soon as school finishes.

Happy Children

Through healthy activities and play within our unique setting - woods, fields and open spaces we seek to hark back to the traditions of outdoor fun ‘we as parents enjoyed!’


We take responsibility from before the school day starts and beyond the end of the school day (or at the end of their after school clubs) for the children and providing a framework for play activities for the children until their parents can collect them at the end of their ‘working day’.


We do this using Langton Green Primary School’s premises as our setting.



We are part of the same community and want to be able to help.